Disrupt, Remold, Recreate: Spotlighting Ava J. Marshall

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A creative with a concept; founder of "Resist In Color" and creator of "Tales of A Weak Black Woman" podcast, there is no limit to the depths Ava will travel to in using her platforms for the empowerment and unapologetic embracement of Black women and girls. As a student at New York University, Ava still finds a way to make her activism prevalent as president of her school's GirlUp and Black History club, and organizer of Student Amends, which counters community injustices. 

Her podcast "Tales of a Weak Black Woman" depicts the experience geared around navigating the world as a young, Black girl bordering with insecurity and not always fitting the mold of "Black Excellence" and what it's perceived to be. With a raw take, reminiscent of Issa Rae's "Insecure", Ava tackles prominent issues ranging from activism, stereotypes, music and film narratives, etc. Staying true to her nature of creating authentic dialogue between Black women and girls and allowing them to thrive within this safe space, at the end of every podcast she includes an installment called "Sistas Are Doing It For Themselves" which highlights a Black woman or girl who is shifting the narrative, breaking barriers, and shattering glass ceilings.

This week I was honored to have been highlighted and recognized for the work I'm doing with both Black Vibe Tribe and The Youth Will Be All Write! Tune in below to listen to Ava's second pod "No, I Am Like Other Girls" to catch the shoutout: 

When not using her voice to cultivate change and spark genuine conversation within her community, Marshall is amplifying the voices of others. With her organization, "Resist In Color", Ava aims to provide a platform dedicated to informing and advocating for issues solely pertaining to women of color. She often felt that women of color were disregarded when it came to mainstream advocacy, and when noticing there was a lack of attention given to WOC in relations to popular communicative platforms, she thought it was about time our voices were meant to be heard. 

Labeling themselves as a "mass texting communication and platform geared towards granting access to information and advocacy actions surrounding women of color", getting involved and taking action has never been so easy. Subscribing to their newsletter, or signing up for text alerts allows you to get a glimpse of all the advocacy opportunities there are for movements dedicated to us and the sole advancement of our demographic. Aid the movement by following her platforms:

Instagram: @resistncolor & @twbwpodcast

Thank you again Ava for being apart of our tribe and continuing to contribute to the culture and our community. Continue to disrupt, remold, and recreate!

Revolutionary Love,

Trinity Simone

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