Introducing Trinity Simone, the visionary creator behind Black Vibe Tribe, the globally recognized and culturally relevant e-commerce apparel brand. At just 20 years old, Trinity embarked on a mission to foster freedom, advancement, and liberation within her community. With an unwavering passion, she birthed Black Vibe Tribe at the tender age of 14, seeking to connect, uplift, and build with those deriving from the African Diaspora.

Black Vibe Tribe serves as a powerful vessel of Black expression, paying homage to the ancestors and encapsulating the vibrant tapestry of Black culture. Trinity's work celebrates the indomitable spirit, rich history, and resiliency of her people, while challenging societal norms and urging unity and dismantling of oppressive systems. She firmly believes that economic power is key to Black liberation, encouraging support for Black businesses and the circulation of the Black dollar within the community.

Through her exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to customer experience, Trinity has propelled Black Vibe Tribe from a home-based operation to a burgeoning million-dollar brand. With noteworthy features on esteemed platforms like CBS Mornings, Instagram, The Root, and endorsements from influential figures like Gayle King, Steve Harvey, and Grammy award-winning artist Monica, Black Vibe Tribe is on an unstoppable trajectory towards becoming a household name.

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Trinity is also a philanthropist and changemaker. She founded The Youth Will Be All Write, a nonprofit organization that provides incarcerated youth with composition notebooks, serving as a conduit for their silenced voices. Furthermore, Trinity showcases her versatility as an author, captivating young minds through her children's book.

In the journey of Trinity Simone, the world witnesses a remarkable force, inspiring others to invest in dreams, uplift communities, and ignite a global movement of empowerment and liberation.


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